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Vibrant Fitness FAQ

1) When are the classes?
Mondays & Wednesdays @ 9:00 AM & 10:15 AM, Saturdays @ 8:00am

2) How long are the classes?
Classes range in length from 40-60 minutes. This includes an extended cool-down and stretch (which so happens to be some of the students favorite part, so be sure to stick around) 

3) How much are the classes?
ass price will vary depending on how often you will attend. There are usually 13 classes/month, but I realize not everyone will be able to attend them all. We created the Pick-Your-Price Memberships for you to choose what will work best for you based on your availability and budget. 

4) Is there childcare?
Childcare is only available Mondays and Wednesdays. Please refer to the Membership information on the Vibrant Fitness tab for cost. Feel free to send along a snack if you desire.

5) What type of workouts do you do?
Each class is a total body workout. We do upper body, lower body, and core exercises. The class begins with a 5 minute warmup, moves into the conditioning phase, and finishes with an extended cool-down. 

6) Who are your classes for?
Vibrant Fitness classes are open to ages 13+ and all fitness levels. Each move has modifications to scale back on or increase intensity. Vibrant Fitness is designed to be a place for you to be you. There may be days you walk in and nail every move. There also may be days you walk in and modify every move. Or perhaps, some days, you will find yourself somewhere in the middle. We were created as unique individuals, but also designed for community. At Vibrant Fitness, you will be encouraged to move together, but at your own pace and strength! 

7) Do I need any equipment?
If you have dumbbells you are currently using, please feel free to bring them with you. You will only need one set. I do have extra of varying weights if you do not have any or forget yours. You will also need a mat or towel to lay on during cool-down. I also have extra mats. It is important to stay hydrated as we move our bodies, so a water bottle is a good idea.

8) How do I sign-up?
You can signup for class on the Vibrant Fitness Tab. Class size is kept small (6-8) to ensure you get a more personalized experience and the freedom to move safely. Grab your spots early. If you need to change your signup, feel free to contact Alisha at

​9) How will I know if the schedule changes?
​​Be sure to like and follow the Vibrant Fitness Facebook page to stay up to date with any schedule changes. Changes will also be posted on the website.

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