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Class Descriptions:


Pre K Developmental

Age 2-3 (30 minute class) Explore creative dance movement, learning beginner dance steps to music; also stretching and tumbling on the mats to promote building strength and flexibility.  Tap may be introduced.

K Combination TBA (Tap, Ballet, and Acrobat)

K1 - Age 3-5 (30 minute class) Beginner level. Creative movement, basic tap for rhythm and ballet basics for grace. Stretching and basic tumbling on the mats to build strength and flexibility.

K2 - Age 4-6 (45 minute class) Beginner level. Creative song and basic dance skills, tap steps for rhythm, basic ballet for grace and self control. Stretching and tumbling on the mat to build strength and flexibility. *Skills become more complex as students develop sustained attention.

Elementary Tap & Ballet

Tap Level 1: Rhythmic patterns in tap technique "families" and terminology.

Tap Level 2: Discover tempo, patterns and syncopation while learning technique "families" and terminology.

Ballet Level 1:  Building on basic movements. Ballet positions and traveling steps with an emphasis on fundamental arm and leg positions, plus vocabulary.

Ballet Level 2:  Continue to develop strength, balance and poise with barre work, center technique and traveling steps.

Junior Tap & Ballet

Level 1 must have 1 year prior training / Level 2 Intermediate 

Preteen Tap & Ballet

Level 1 Beginner with basics to 1 year prior training

Level 2 Intermediate with 2-3 years prior training 

Level 3 Intermediate/Advanced with 4+ years prior training

Teen Tap & Ballet

Level 1 Beginner with basics to 1 year prior training

Level 2 Intermediate with 3-5 years prior training.  At least two class per week recommended. Emphasis on pre-pointe.

Level 3 Advanced with emphasis on pointe technique. Two class per week required


Dance style & learned technique expressing feeling to a song or poetry and tells a story by expressing feeling through movements of the body. 


Contemporary dance blends techniques from various genres such as ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern, forming a style that is abundant with self-expression and innovation. In my contemporary class we will focus on harnessing that self-expression, explore contemporary movement and technique, as well as learn about the founders of contemporary dance while practicing the roots of this versatile style.

Classical Jazz 

An ever evolving dance form full of rhythm and style. Explore body isolations of the head, shoulders, rib cage, feet and arms. Develop strength and balance with center technique and traveling steps, leaps and turns.

Hip Hop

A form of dance that showcases style and originality built upon the foundation of Jazz technique. This type of dancing is energetic and fun!  Consisting of unique moves with a good beat, and freestyle encourages individual expression.


Each level of Acro is dependent upon the mastery of skills and the ability to properly execute them with proper technique and strength. 


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