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Dress Code and Studio Policy

Guideline for all dancers and parents.


  • Dance wear and shoes can be purchased through Nimbly.  Access information can be found on the Parent Portal.

  • NO school clothes, jeans, skirts, or baggy shirts are permitted. Dance sweater wraps are available for colder months.

  • NO street shoes are allowed on classroom floors.

  • Dance shoes must NOT be worn outside.

  • Hip Hop Classes are a free style, relaxed form of dance.  We encourage you to dress street style (performance leggings or joggers) and express yourself (within reason), but please check in to the Hip Hop link through Nimbly or ask at the front desk for the appropriate footwear.

  • Hair must be worn neatly off the face.  Ballet class - hair must be pulled up off the neck, preferably in a bun.



  • Absenteeism: In case of absence due to illness only, students will have an option to participate in another class at his/her level, with teacher's consent. Upon request only! Please notify us if they are ill.

  • Cancellation: In the event there are ANY kind of weather advisories issued, please check our website, social media pages,  and/or WGAL's website for any schedule changes at the studio. While we do try to stay open, your family's safety is of great importance to us. If our endeavor to contact you fails, we will not be responsible. Students are expected to attend rescheduled classes.

  • Viewing: Parents are welcome! Please remain in the designated waiting area of your child’s class. We appreciate a general respect at all times for the studio, teachers and classes in session. If you must bring siblings, it is your responsibility to entertain them. Please do not let children unattended in the restroom or anywhere in the studio. Parents are financially responsible for any damage their children may cause.

  • Parking:

        ~Huyett & Associates Accounting along Main Street (Rt 322) across from the studio.  

           *PLEASE use caution when crossing at the traffic light.

        ~Along Main Street (Rt 322) on the studio side.  *Please be aware that there is 1 handicap space marked off.

        ~Lincoln Mennonite Church located in the old Lincoln Fire House, which can be found by turning onto Galen Alley behind            the studio off Market St., make a left in the lot behind the new Fire House and go around the old building where you'll                see lined parking spaces.  Or you can get there by turning onto Lincoln Heights Ave off Market St.  Please note:  they do            have a youth activity on Thursday evenings. 


          ALWAYS drive slow and safely around these areas as their are many families with children out and about.  

  • Recital: Our annual recital is held in June. Participation is optional. More information will be provided in the Parent Portal.

  • Students should attend classes regularly if they are going to participate in the recital.

  • Holiday Closings can be found in the Parent Portal by clicking on the Shared Files icon then click on 2022-2023 Calendar.  

  •  Termination: Please notify us if you wish to terminate your classes. We will expect any outstanding balances to be paid at this time.


Thank you for your cooperation!

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