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Why Do We Dance

We all dance for the enjoyment of the art, also to gain poise and confidence. Some students, however, are interested in long term goals which can lead to scholarships and professional careers.


Our dance program offers a progressive curriculum filled with technique and "terminology" - which is a key ingredient in the students understanding of his/her dance education.  We recognize that each child is an individual with unique differences in growth and development and our goal is to allow for these differences while continuing to challenge each student.  Inspirational building blocks are:

 Aspire       Commit       Encourage

We are artistry in motion and will continue to evolve with dedication and compassion!


We hope that you will join our growing "family" at Ace Dance Academy, where you and/or your children will enjoy the wonders of the world of dance, and experience the excitement of performing.

"Dancing teaches you a sense of accomplishment. The discipline of dance teaches you self-discipline. You know you can achieve what you set out to do, not just with dance, but with anything you choose."- Melissa Hayden

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